hundreds of British troops are reportedly ready to in to put at the border met Ukraine

hundreds of British special force troops are ready to in to be deployed in the blink of an eye to the Ukrainian border, amid rising tensions and fears of An possible Russian invasion in the region, according to reports.

The British Special Air Service and Parachute Regiment are prepared to de region with medics, engineers, signalmen and hundreds of paratroopers, The Mirror reported.

“The high readiness element of the brigade was told it might need to provide a source at very short notice in to put told The Mirror.

“There are between 400 and 600 troops ready. Their equipment is packed and they are ready to fly and land to Ukraine of to skydive in. they trained for both eventualities.”

The military move comes after the European Union accused Belarus, which borders both Ukraine and Poland, of trigger a humanitarian crisis by encouraging migrants to enter the EU illegally via Poland.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, an ally of Russia’s Vladimir Putin has denied any allegation.

hundreds of British paratroopers supported by artillery units could drop in the region within 36 hours of authority, senior defense sources told the newspaper.

British highest ranking military officer, General Sir Nick Carter, told Times Radio: in expecting an interview air Sunday, that Russia is an important and real risk to the west.

“We have to be careful that people don’t end up allow the bellicose nature of some of U.S politics until finish in a position where escalation leads to miscalculation.”

Carter said authoritarian rivals were willing to use all resources die are necessary for their enemies – including migrants, rising gas prices, proxy forces of cyber attacks, adding that “traditional diplomatic tools and mechanisms” die used during the Cold War are no longer at its disposal.

“The character of warfare has changed,” he said in the interview.

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