Hundreds of riots in West Bank, East Jerusalem after jailbreak; IDF extends closure

Palestinians held large-scale demonstrations in the West Bank and Jerusalem on Wednesday night of they violent, in solidarity with the six security prisoners who broke out of Israel’s Gilboa Prison earlier this week. Five of the fugitives are members of the Islamic Jihad terror group; the sixth is an infamous Fatah terror chief.

AN total of some 400 Palestinians confronted IDF forces at eight fires in the West Bank, burning tires and throwing rocks.

In at least one case, rioters in near Judea and Samaria Square in the district of Ramallah of the West Bank were reported to use live fire against Israeli soldiers, but missed them. A similar incident occurred at the same time place amid a violent demonstration in may, in which two Israeli soldiers Got hurt.

Unrest was reported in near Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate, Issawiya . neighborhood in East Jerusalem, in Hebron, Hawara, Azzoun, in near Rachel’s grave in Bethlehem, and in other locations in the West Bank.

According to the Palestinian Red Crescent, two Palestinians were injured by police rubber bullets and another by a stun grenade during the clashes at the Damascus gate in Jerusalem.

In the city in the West Bank of Beita, two Palestinians were wounded by Israel Defense Forces’ live firesaid the Red Crescent.

And in Hawara, at least 100 Palestinians were treated by Red Crescent doctors, most of them of them for inhale tear gas fire by Israeli troops.

Also amid the clashes at Damascus Gate, an Israeli Egged bus was hit by rocks die allegedly hurled by Palestinian protesters.

No injuries have been reported in the incident.

Hundreds of riots in West Bank, East Jerusalem after jailbreak;  IDF extends closure

A bus is damaged after stones were thrown at it, in near the old city of jerusalem on September 08, 2021.(Jamal Awad/Flash90)

Meanwhile, the IDF said it is extending its lockdown of the West Bank on Wednesday night, in the midst of fears of escalating violence in the area.

Since Monday’s jailbreak, Israeli security forces have launched a massive manhunt for capture the six fugitives, who are considered very dangerous after they have broken down out of the maximum security Gilboa prison in what is considered one of the most serious escapes in the countries history.

In the days after the escape, security prisoners in several Israeli facilities have held riots and held Palestinians to times violent demonstrations in support of the fugitives.

Wednesday saw great unrest in the Ketziot prison, where inmates burned several cells, as well as several other facilities.

a burnt prison cell is seen in the Ketziot Prison following riots by Palestinian security prisoners there, September 8, 2021 (met thanks)

Israeli defense civil servants also fear that Palestinian terror groups in the Gaza Strip, in especially Islamic Jihad, can renew the missile fire from the enclave in solidarity.

Wednesday night Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said Israel was “prepared” for all eventualities”, after a meeting with the defense minister, public safety minister, IDF chief of staff, Chief Shin Bet, Israel Police Commissioner, Prisons Commissioner in Israel, national safety advisor and other top defense civil servants.

The closure of the West Bank, a routine procedure during Israeli and Jewish holidays, has been halted in place forward of Two Days Rosh Hashanah on Monday holiday. It was set to end on Wednesday at midnight, but will instead continue until and met Saturday night, the military said.

The extension of the closure is meant to help in the manhunt and to contribute to the military’s efforts to tamp down down tensions in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Palestinians gather in support of six fugitives who broke out of high security jail, in the city in the West Bank of Hebron on September 8, 2021. (HAZEM BADER / AFP)

It will not apply to goods, die still via the West Bank are admitted and resumed in Gaza Thursday. Palestinians who work in Israeli settlements in the West Bank will also in be able to work as usual from Thursday, the IDF said.

The military added that exceptions to the closure will be made in “humanitarian, medical and irregular cases.”

the IDF on Wednesday said it was stepping up its aid to the search efforts, with two battalions, six companies, two recon teams, a number of special troops squads and air surveillance teams assist.

The six escapees include Zakaria Zubeidi, a notorious commander in Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade of Fatah terror group, who used to be in prison while on process for two dozen crimes, including attempted murder.

Four escapees were in jail for life in link with deadly to attack against Israelis and Affiliation with the Islamic Jihad terror group. The remaining prisoner was detained in administrative detention and wasn’t in charged with An crime other than belonging to Islamic Jihad.

Zakaria Zubeidi, then the local commander of Fatah’s terrorist wing, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, is in An car decorated with a poster of former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, in the city in the north of the West Bank of Jenin, December 2, 2004. (AP Photo/Mohammed Ballas)

It was not clear if the fugitives were quiet in Israeli territory, of the West Bank of even Jordan had crossed.

Overnight and on Israeli troops would have been arrested on Wednesday morning family members of multiple of the Palestinian fugitives in the northern West Bank, in near Jenin.

The six Palestinian Security Prisoners who escaped from Gilboa prison on Monday, September 6, 2021. Clockwise from top left: Yaqoub Qadiri, Mohammad al-Arida, Mahmoud al-Arida, Iham Kamamji, Zakaria Zubeidi and Munadil Nafiyat (Screenshot: Media Office Palestinian Prisoners)

Monday escape has caused uproar in Israel’s prison system. Senior officials of the prison were summoned for Interrogate on Tuesday evening, the Kan public the broadcaster reported. earlier in die On that day, at least 14 Israel Prisons Service employees were questioned by police because they suspected they helped the escapees.

Prison officials and police are widely denounced for lapses die made it possible escape, with An litany of blunders allow the outbreak occur in the first place, and a failure to understand the seriousness of the situation for multiple hours after it happened, ignore early warning characters of an outbreak.

Authorities said they had not made any breakthroughs in the quest for the terrorists as of Wednesday night.

Time of Israel Staff contributed to this report.

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