Hungary: “No compromise” is currently acceptable on the Russian oil embargo

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said Monday that an acceptable agreement on the European embargo on Russian oil had not yet been reached and called for “guarantees” on his country’s supplies.

“There is absolutely no compromise at the moment,” he told reporters, arriving at the EU summit, where the 27 nations will discuss a text drawn up on Monday morning and aimed at allowing the adoption of the sixth package of European sanctions against Moscow, which is has so far been suspended due to opposition from Budapest.

The Hungarian prime minister was the latest obstacle to the European embargo project on Russian oil, calling for the total exclusion of his country from the decision.

Orbán justifies this by saying that he intends to “protect Hungarian families” in the light of the turbulence in energy sources from severe shortages, high prices and the possibility of recession.

Although Slovakia and Czechia can accept a proposal to exempt them for two years from the implementation of the embargo, the Hungarian leader considers the decision a “nuclear bomb” dropped on his country’s economy, which takes four years and about 800 million euros to adapt the supply network.

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