Hunger can transform in weapon in Ukraine Serious threats to a global food crisis

The director of the United Nations World Food Program in Germany has warned that millions of tons of grain are blocked in Ukraine, due to the closure of seaports following Russian military action.

Martin Frick said around 4.5 million tons of grain in containers in Ukrainian ports cannot be transported due to unsafe or busy sea routes, some of which have been mined, as well as inaccessible ports.

“None of these pills can be used at the moment,” he told the German news agency DPA.

Ukraine is one of the largest producers of wheat in the world, as well as being a major producer of corn. About 30 million tons of corn and about 25 million tons of wheat were harvested in the country in 2020, according to the United Nations.

Many North African countries, in in particular, they depend on cheap wheat from Ukraine for their staple food.

“The world is in dire need of these groceries from Ukraine,” Frick said.

Despite Ukraine’s bountiful harvests, the World Food Program (WFP) has said that since the invasion began on February 24, it has had to provide food support to 2.5 million Ukrainians – most in Ukraine – as well as several hundred thousand people seeking refuge in neighboring Moldova.

“Food must reach the people who are trapped and in need in Ukraine. But at the same time, it is necessary to provide other parts of the world with the food they expected from Ukraine in order to alleviate the global food crisis, “he added.

He also said that access to ports is forbidden for goods in entrance e in exit, adding that he fears the use of food supplies as a weapon in the conflict.

He said: “It is not permissible to use hunger as a weapon, neither from a military nor an economic point of view.”

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz responded to the food crisis by committing Germany to intervene and help where there is a food shortage due to war, warning of the strong possibility of a global food crisis.

Sunday, addressing the protesters who accused him of prolonging the war by sending weapons in Ukraine, said: “This war will have consequences in all over the world For now, we need to worry that some people will starve and there are countries that won’t in able to supply wheat to its people and that the entire state of war could lead to a global hunger crisis, “according to the British newspaper” The Guardian “.

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