Hybrid War: Hundreds of Russian Cyber ​​Attacks on Ukraine

Microsoft has announced that a group of hackers allied to the Russian government has carried out hundreds of cyber attacks against Ukrainian institutions since the start of the Russian military operation.

In a detailed report on Wednesday, he said, according to AFP reports, that in “hybrid” warfare tactics, Russia often combines cyber attacks with military attacks on the battlefield.

It started before the military operation

He also added that “immediately before the start of the war, we observed six separate actors allied with Russia conducting more than 237 operations against Ukraine”.

The tech giant, which collaborates with Ukrainian cybersecurity experts and companies private to counter such attacks, he noted that cyber warfare included “devastating attacks that continue to threaten the interests of civilians”.

In the first week of the war, Russian hackers infiltrated in a major media organization, the report states, “on the same day in which the Russian army announced its intention to destroy Ukrainian targets active in (disinformation) and launched a missile attack against the tower of a television station in Kiev “.

The objectives of these attacks

He explained that the aim of such coordinated attacks “to disrupt or weaken the Ukrainian government and military services and undermine public confidence. in they”.

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In addition, Microsoft indicated that it tracked about 40 cyber attacks targeting hundreds of systems, a third of which focused on Ukrainian government organizations of various levels, while 40% targeted critical infrastructure.

Some of these processes are called “space attacks” which eliminate vital data in compromised computer systems.

exploit vulnerabilities

Hackers used a number of techniques to gain access to Ukrainian systems such as “phishing” and exploit vulnerabilities.

The report also claims that hackers began preparing for their campaign as early as March 2021, nearly a year before President Vladimir Putin ordered his forces to invade Ukraine. “When Russian forces started moving towards the Ukrainian border, we saw efforts to achieve mainly targets that could provide information on Ukraine’s military and foreign partnerships,” he added.

According to Microsoft, “these attacks appear to be only a small part of the activity against Ukraine”.

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