Hysterical joy in Denmark after qualifying for the World Cup

Denmark continued its extraordinary brilliance questyear when, on Tuesday, he booked his ticket for the World Cup finals in Qatar next year with full marks in eight games, after his impressive campaign in the last European Cup questsummer, when she was eliminated in the group of four.

Denmark beat their host Austria 1-0 and celebrated with their fans who filled Copenhagen’s “Parken” stadium to the last, joining Germany to an international wedding.

And the Politiken newspaper revealed that “the almost perfect year for the national team has seen a near perfect end”, adding that “what is better is that (captain in defense) Simon Kjaer and his colleagues have confirmed right now that they are ready for the World Cup before ever ”.

Joy overwhelmed the small Scandinavian kingdom, starting with Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen who showed her enthusiasm on Instagram.

She congratulated her national team with a tweet, “Well done!” Attached is a photo of her and the Minister of Sport, both dressed in red.

“It is as if Denmark and their national team have fallen in love again,” said Andreas Kraul, commentator on public channel DR.

And the newspaper “Politiken” added that Denmark, favorites for the win against Austria, suffered in the first half before Italian Atalanta defender Joachim Mihaly scored the winning goal in the 53rd minute, recalling that their country he experienced “a magical moment again in a magical year of football. “.

During the last Champions Cup finals, played in 12 stadiums, including Copenhagen’s “Parken”, the red and white team impressed the world of football for its cohesion, after the cardiac arrest suffered by its playmaker and first star Christian Eriksen in the capital before the end of the first half of his first game in final against Finland.

– “More than just a team” – The Danish team did not forget their colleague Eriksen on Tuesday and gave him victory and qualification.

For commentator Craul, “it was clear that the incident was institutional for the group to become more than just a team.”

“He made them grow,” he added. After the great panic caused by Eriksen, the Danish team overcame the shock and defeat against Finland and gained victories after another to reach the semi-finals of the European Cup before losing 1-2 difficulties after a stretch against the ‘England, which was a strong candidate in front of its fans at Wembley, and with a controversial penalty kick.

Mihaly said the match against Austria was “one of Parken’s best nights in a long time. It’s a wonderful night.”

As for Leicester City goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel, son of Danish legend Peter, who won the 1992 European Cup with her, he said: “We did something wonderful together.”

The Danes have firmly established themselves in Group F. In addition to full points in two games, scored 27 goals and conceded no goals!

This team even made Danish football history by scoring 42 goals in 2021, before their last two games in November, beating a record which dates back almost 60 years (32 goals were scored in 1962).

Denmark have participated in the World Cup five times, and their best was in 1998 when they reached the quarter-finals, while they were eliminated in the round of 16 in the last edition of 2018.

“These numbers give us ambition,” said captain Kier, chosen for the first time in his professional career among the candidates for the Ballon d’Or. Last time we were in semifinal (Champions Cup). I want more, we want more. Now we will play the World Cup and we want more “.

Krul praised the national team champions, which no one had bet on six months ago, “a football that Denmark and abroad like and that is also fun to watch”. The German newspaper “Bild” even called them “the team of the year”, but coach Kasper Hjolmand seemed modest, saying: “It’s worth it. There are a lot of people playing a role. in this success “.

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