I asked for help Italy responds to the “Afghan Mona Lisa”

The green-eyed “Afghan girl” who became famous years ago in a photo published by “National Geographic” magazine has arrived in Italy as part of the West’s efforts to evacuate Afghan citizens after the Taliban movement took control of the country.

Furthermore, the office of Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi announced on Thursday that Italy has organized the evacuation of the Afghan Sharbat Gula after asking for his help to leave the country.

According to the statement, the Italian government will help her integrate into life in Italy.

A symbol of an era of conflict

He also added that his image has become “a symbol of vicissitudes and conflict in that chapter of history that Afghanistan and its people have endured in that moment”.

He said he had received requests from “civil society, in particularly from non-profit organizations that work in Afghanistan “, supporting Gula’s request to help her leave the country.

Sharbat rose to fame in 1984 as an Afghan refugee girl after being photographed by war photographer Steve McCurry, and gained fame after her deep green eyes appeared on the magazine cover. McCurry found it in 2002.

Presidential reception

In 2014 she appeared in Pakistan but went into hiding when authorities accused her of acquiring a false Pakistani identity and ordered her deportation. She went to Kabul, where the president organized a reception for her at the presidential palace and gave her the keys to a new apartment.

Interestingly, Italy is one of the Western countries that had hundreds of Afghans expelled from their country after the withdrawal of US forces and the takeover of the Taliban. in August.

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