‘I have made a song about vaccination which will be released soon.

After facing the second wave of corona, now the corona cases are slowly decreasing across the country. Vaccination campaigns are growing rapidly. People across the country are now being given the vaccine, so Shashi Ranjan along with MLA Dr Lavekar organized a vaccination campaign at Yari Road, Mumbai where many celebrities were seen. Director Satish Kaushik also reached here and while talking to the news helpline, he said, “We all know that the world and especially India saw a lot of bad times due to Kovid, no one thought that this epidemic is like this country. To fight this, a lot of hard work has been done to make a vaccine all over the world and in one and a half years the vaccine has come to fight this epidemic, it is an achievement in itself. To fight this dangerous disease. Vaccination is the only solution.”

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He further added, “We all saw the lock down due to which everything was closed. Our businesses closed, our work stopped, our daily activities stopped. Our life completely came to a standstill. Satish Kaushik said He has made a song about vaccination, which will be released soon, while talking about it, he said, “Vaccination campaigns are happening in big cities of our country, but even today people in small villages are afraid to take the vaccine. In this time, it is very important to tell them the importance of vaccination. I have made a song about vaccination which will be released soon. “In the end, giving advice to the people, he said, “Even if you take the vaccination, but even after that you all have to take care of social distancing and wear a mask. Until this epidemic is completely over, We all have to be very careful.”

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