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I love working under pressure: Gulfam Khan

Some actors have made a notable place in films, television shows and now web series as well. Gulfam Khan, who is currently seen as a strict yet comic warden in Dangal TV’s ‘Nikki Aur Jadui Bubble’ has been in the industry for almost 20 years now and she is one such actor.

After performing in all three platforms, Gulfam shares the differences she has experienced and says, “I have done TV shows, movies and also web series and there are a lot of differences in the way content is created across platforms. In terms of shoot schedules, we have a lot of time when we shoot for films as it doesn’t have to go on air the next week, unlike TV shows.”

“Hence, giving us time for preparations. The budgets, the character writing, the way things are shot, everything differs. One major difference is that in movies you cannot be sure as to how many parts of what you shot is going to be seen by the audience. It all depends on the editing table, whereas on TV you are sure that everything you perform will be seen on screen,” she said.

“Another difference is in terms of popularity. People remember the smallest roles from a TV show but that is not very possible in a movie until it is a very big one. There is a sense of pressure when it comes to TV but many actors like me get an adrenaline rush through it. I love working under pressure,” Gulfam added.

Her fans have always showered love on her and we can’t wait to see what she has to offer as Manorama this time.

‘Nikki Aur Jadui Bubble’ is a visual treat not only for kids but for the family as a whole. Catch ‘Nikki Aur Jadui Bubble’ from Monday to Friday at 1830 hrs on Dangal TV.

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