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I participated in NATO maneuvers . an American fighter crashed in Norway

The Joint Rescue Coordination Centers in Norway reported that a US warplane with four people on board crashed in northern Norway.

Today, Saturday, he said the plane, a V-22 Osprey, was participating in a NATO exercise when it was reported missing at 17:26 GMT.

The plane, which was on a training flight, was due to land at 17:00 GMT. But the weather was bad in the area.

For its part, a spokesperson for the Joint Rescue Coordination Centers said that the fate of those on board is unknown.

30 thousand soldiers

Interestingly, the massive military exercises, involving 30,000 NATO and partner country soldiers, began on Monday. in Norway, against the backdrop of the crisis between the West and Moscow over the Russian military operation in Ukraine.

The long-planned Cold Response 2022 maneuvers aim to test Norway’s ability to receive external reinforcements in case of assault from a third country, in compliance with Article V of the NATO Charter, which provides for mutual defense in case of a member of the attacked alliance.

200 aircraft and 50 battleships

These naval and air maneuvers, which include landings and land operations, are organized over large areas of Norwegian territory, including the Arctic Circle, staying hundreds of kilometers from the Russian-Norwegian border.

As in previous years, the “Cold Response 2022” maneuvers foresee the participation of Sweden and Finland, two countries that adhere to a policy of non-alignment but that in recent years have come closer to NATO.

The exercises, which will continue until April 1, will be attended by 200 aircraft and about 50 barges from 27 countries.

The drills began with naval operations and relocation via land of part of the Atlantic Rapid Intervention Force, task entrusted questyear to France and its leadership.

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