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“I speak while the iPhone writes.” A time-saving trick is no easier for the Egyptians

In a simple trick, Egyptian digital marketer Tamer Adel revealed a way to make it easier for Al-Masry to write notes on his iPhone.

Although this trick is known in English and Arabic, the novelty is that it has also become available in the Egyptian dialect.

The developer explained that to save typing time, all you have to do is open the notes program and then press the speaker signal.

When pressed, the program will automatically start translating your words in words in front of you on the screen.

Therefore, after that, you just have to select everything that is written, choose the select option and then move it to the spot in which you want to use it.

Interestingly, the developer’s video received a lot of interaction on Instagram, where Adel confirmed that anyone can use it to send an email or even regular messages.

And confirmed that the new iOS system update, until it included many improvements in large extent.

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