I was misrepresented by BCB, playing IPL will be beneficial for me: Shakib Al Hasan

With Bangladesh not starting the Test World Cup, Shakib said it made more sense to attend the IPL as it would help him better prepare for the next T20 World Cup, which will be held in India later this year .

“These two tests are our last games in the World Testing Championship, so it’s not like we’re playing the final,” Shakib told Cricfrenzy.

“We’re at the bottom of the point table. I think it doesn’t make a big difference.

“The other main reason is that the T20 World Cup is in India later this year. It’s a very important tournament and we have a lot to achieve. There isn’t much to achieve in these two tests. I think it’s one better option. ” that I am preparing for something bigger. “

Shakib said in his letter to BCB that he mentioned his plans to better prepare for the T20 World Cup.

“People keep talking about it (skipping the test series against Sri Lanka). Those who say I will not play test cricket anymore have not read my letter correctly.

“I didn’t mention anywhere in my letter that I didn’t want to play tests. I mentioned in my letter that I wanted to play at the IPL in order to properly prepare for the World Cup, but Akram Bhai (chairman of the BCB cricket Surgery) said repeatedly that I don’t want to play tests, “he said.

With the T20 World Cup scheduled for October, Shakib said there are many benefits to playing in the IPL this time around.

“The floor I’ll be playing the IPL on now will be the floor I’ll be playing the World Cup game on after four months. The players I’m going to play the IPL with are the players I am against at the World Cup will play. “

“Because of this, I will get more benefits than anyone from Bangladesh and it will also help me share my experience with the team that I will win by playing in the IPL,” he said.

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