I will suffocate their lives .. Macron does not hold back from his statements despite the controversy!

After French President Emmanuel Macron’s press statements on the repression of the unvaccinated for their “lack of sense of responsibility” caused a stir in France, returned today, Friday, to reaffirm its full responsibility for its controversial statements about its intention to “disturb” those not vaccinated against the Corona virus. , continuing to criticize them saying: “They limit the movement of others and represent a danger to them”.

And he said: “I can’t help but be worried when nurses tell me: we have decided not to take care of those who have not vaccinated in recovery rooms, and when doctors write articles in to whom they say the same thing, the issue becomes worrying and those who have not received the vaccine must know that citizenship is a right and a duty, but first of all it is a duty “, underlining that his country is obliged to impose restrictions on people not vaccinated against the emerging coronavirus, to protect the rest of the citizens.

Macron had said in an interview with the newspaper “Le Parisien” on Tuesday, saying: “I really want to disturb the lives of the unvaccinated. Therefore, we will continue to do so until the end. This is the strategy.”

I will not force them to vaccinate!

He continued, “90% of the population supported the Covid 19 vaccination campaign, except some who refuse to do so” and asked, “How can the number of those who refuse to receive the vaccine be reduced?” I am against the repression of the French. On the contrary, every day I defend them when they have management problems. As for the unvaccinated, my desire is to tighten their screws ”.

And he added: “I will not wear them in prison, and I will not force them to vaccinate them. So you have to tell him: from January 15 you will not be able to go to the restaurant, you will not be able to have coffee in a coffee, or go to the theater or to the cinema… ».

3 months before the presidential election

These statements, which arrived three months before the presidential elections, sparked widespread controversy within the National Assembly, forcing the session president to suspend work at night due to the chaos it caused. However, MEPs resumed discussions on the health certificate in a somewhat calm atmosphere, after a sudden vote that refused to continue the discussion on Monday evening.

Reactions continued Wednesday from leaders of some political parties. National Gathering candidate Marine Le Pen (far right) said: “A president shouldn’t say that. The guarantor of the nation’s unity is Egypt on the his division and wants to make unvaccinated citizens second-class citizens. Emmanuel Macron does not deserve his position. “

More than 19,600 people infected with Covid-19 were reported to have been hospitalized on Monday evening in France.

While 297 patients died in the last 24 hours in hospitals. Health authorities said more than 270,000 new cases were registered in the country during this period, in a new number record.

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