IAEA: Iran has not answered our questions and that is dangerous

In his speech to the Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency on Monday, Director General Rafael Grossi reiterated his call for Iran for transparency and information to build confidence after confirming that it would not die necessary explanations for the presence of nuclear material particles in one of the three undeclared locations on its floor, although several months have passed since the request.

He added that die Restoration of confidence will not take place if Tehran does not show its commitment, and referred to die ongoing talks by Iran about good faith, in the hope that these words will turn into serious work.

He also went on to say that Iran had pledged to cooperate but did nothing, adding that die Agency in In the absence of clear and explicit responses from Tehran, I am deeply concerned as the nuclear material that was in the country’s three undeclared locations is now in unknown today.

He also noted that there was also concern because die technical talks between the agency and Iran are not die expected results and reiterated die Tehran calls for clarification and a quick solution to these problems without further delay.

He revealed that die Talks with Iran did not bring any tangible progress, die Vienna negotiations are complex and the schedule for die There was no commitment to the nuclear agreement.

Security guarantees

He added that Iran has information, documents and answers to die The agency should provide questions, stressing that the lack of progress in this dossier die The Agency’s ability to provide guarantees of the peaceful nature of the Iranian nuclear program seriously compromised.

The Board of Governors meeting coincided with the resumption of the sixth round of nuclear talks, die since last April in the Austrian capital has started.

It is also possible that any decision made by the meetings will lead to an escalation of tensions between Tehran and the West, and thus die Vienna talks to revive the 2015 nuclear deal endangered.

Bad reports for Iran

The Russian Ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, Mikhail Ulyanov, stressed on Sunday that it was inadmissible to in die Interfere in Vienna talks on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

And he added in add to a tweet on Twitter that an expanded agenda is being put on the table, in who are expected to publish unfavorable reports for Iran.

Clear explanation!

It is noteworthy that die At the last quarterly meeting of the Board of Governors, which consists of 35 countries, three European powers, with the support of the United States, prepared a draft resolution critical of Tehran, but did not officially present it die Announcement by the Director of the Atomic Energy Agency, Rafael Grossi, about new talks.

IAEA: Iran has not answered our questions and that is dangerous

From the Vienna meeting to the Iranian nuclear program

The IAEA said last week that talks are aimed at getting Iran to die Explain the source of the uranium particles believed to be in activity long before the nuclear deal in To be connected die lead to new explanations.

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