IBM in Arabic: Hybrid cloud computing will be the future of technology in Saudi Arabia

In an interview with Al Arabiya, Fahd Al-Enezi, general manager of IBM in Saudi Arabia confirmed that 85% of executives in Saudi Arabia plans to adopt hybrid cloud computing and artificial intelligence technologies.

He added that the Kingdom aspires to be The number one technical center in region, so it will be necessaryTo meet the demand for data and services in Saudi Arabia.

He believed that hybrid cloud computing will be the future, in investments in information technology in countries of the world, e in Saudi Arabia in particular, with an encouraging legislative environment, providing systems and standard for cloud computing and the presence of specialized government agencies and agencies, to support the information technology sectors.

He referred to important regulations in the financial, health and security sectors, which require the presence of data in the Kingdom, noting that IBM will adopt advanced hybrid data centers, which will be supportive and compatible with the implementation requirements of the Kingdom Vision 2030.

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