Ibn Abd al-Hamid is between the hammer of his “wakeel” and the anvil of his “greed”

We all know that professionalism is a model of organized and orderly sporting work, which works according to the international regulations set by the International Football Association (FIFA); To preserve the rights of the two parties (the management of the club-footballer), and among them there is a mediator (a business agent).

In recent months, the question of the renewal of the contract of captain Saud Abdul Hamid, player of the club Al-Ittihad, aroused a lot of tension and attraction, including staying in his club or the transfer in another club.

After Al-Ittihad’s meeting with Al-Tai, officials from the club of Al-Ittihad on one side and the player’s agent on one side appeared on media, each throwing the question on the stone of the other! But what happened periodically in the Al-Taei meeting, and the exclusion of the player by administrative decision, is an indication and proof of the dissatisfaction of the management of the club towards the player and his agent.

Each of the two parties has begun to accuse the other and to delay the decision on whether or not the player will stay: the agent wants to guarantee his rights and those of his client, and the administration of Anmar also wants to guarantee the rights of the management of the his club.

The two parties are not guilty of this, but if it becomes clear that one of the parties is the cause of the delay, then it must correct the path to ensure the entitlement of the first, second and third entity. I am not sure who is wrong in this and who is responsible for the delay in renewing the player’s contract.

In a moment in which has circulated a lot on the entrance of parts of club competitors to win the player’s contract, but if we assume for the sake of argument that the player goes to Al-Hilal or Al-Nasr, let him have full confidence that he has no place as a key player, and if he had gone to Al-Ahly, for example, he would find that the financial situation of the club that’s not reassuring. Exactly, and won’t find a place for him, especially after the questlast contract with Tunisian Hamdi Al-Naqaz, the youngster remained, and I don’t think he desperately needs the player for the presence of player Fawaz Al-Saqour.

Saud Abdul Hamid, according to the trader, wants to stay, and the agent wants to ratify the check, in one moment in which the management of club is not authorized to ratify it; By virtue of the end of banking at the end of the week!

I don’t dwell too much on gossip, the principal’s catwalk hopes to close the matter (the headache) as soon as possible; What benefits all parties is stability and serious technical work in the field.


A whisper in the player’s ear: Saud, you are still young at your athletic age, and the future is ahead of you, so don’t let (greed) distract your mind from your sporting future.


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