Ibn Dabkeh participates in the Al-Fateh exercises

Algerian professional Sofiane Ben Debka participated in the formation of the Al-Fateh Club’s first football team after completing her participation with her country’s national team at the preparatory camp which was held in Dubai, and the rest is expected to of professionals will join in the days following the end of the participation of their respective teams.

Al-Fateh had resumed training in the stadium of club Al-Ahsa’s reserve after coach Yannick Ferreira’s leave yesterday in preparation to face Al-Tai on Saturday in the twelfth round of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Professionals Cup.

The training took place in two times, the first in the gym and the second at the stadium, in how much the coach concentrated on the application of some tactical phrases before carrying out a technical maneuver through which he deliberately increased the effectiveness of the bands offensive and central, with a focus on the game in different spaces. Al-Fateh is in ninth place with 12 points, while Al-Taei is in bottom of the league table in sixteenth place with seven points.

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