Ibrahimovic arrogantly responds to his confrontation with Messi and Ronaldo!

London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Swedish legend Zlatan Ibrahimovic has returned to his old favorite hobby by mastering the arrogant side of his controversial personality this time in answer to a question from France Football about why he did not win the prestigious individual “Golden Ball” award – Golden Ball – and his opinion on the comparison with the best duo in the world, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. The 40-year-old veteran changed his famous statement in June 2018 that “the World Cup is not worth watching without Zlatan”, stating that “France Football” and all those involved in distributing the most important individual prize in the world are the losers for not giving him the prize and not vice versa, because he believes it is nothing less than the Madeira flea and missile. “Is Zlatan missing the Ballon d’Or?”, The AC Milan captain and scorer told the French newspaper, sponsor of the Ballon d’Or. No, she missed me, if it were to compare me to Messi and Cristiano, in terms of quality, I have no quality or quality inferior to them, but if we take leagues into account, I have not reached the Champions League, and in general, I do not know the criteria they use to determine who will receive the award ”. “I would say that I am not obsessed with the Ballon d’Or, when the group works well, the individual benefits from it, the individual cannot do well if the team is not strong, in fund i think i am the best in world, Zlatan is the best in history, personally I do not prefer to compare the players with each other, it seems to me different from one generation to another, and this complicates the comparison between the players, each one lives his own story and has to face it, and for me .. my table are all problems. ” Ibra’s declarations arrive, in concurrently with recovering from a severe knee injury, and consequently stopped playing since the end of last season, before the good news for coach Stefano Pioli, his return to group training in few days passed, in view of his first participation with the Milan shirt, in this season, in Sunday’s match against Lazio in the third round of the Italian championship. Ibrahimovic is known for his strange mistakes in his interviews with media, for example, but not just for its grip in tour of Pep Guardiola and Barcelona, ​​saying: “They bought a Kferari needle and they drove it Kvyat”, and his famous saying about the French League at the beginning of his journey with Paris Saint-Germain, saying: ” I don’t know much about the championship. ” French, but he knows me. “And the strangest thing he said about his pain to buy a house in Paris,” If I fail, I will buy the hotel in where I will stay “. As for the most controversial of all, it was his brief “satirical” words about the divine.

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