ICC looks the same points per test win of next WTC cycle: Interim CEO Allardice

During the last Cycle, the value for everyone series was 120 points where a two-match India-Bangladesh series had 60 points for a win while a fourmatch India-Australia test series had 30 points in store per win.

But during the last phase with much of series canceled, ICC reset to the percentage points system where a team’s ranking was calculated on die Base points divided by die number of matches played.

“We looked at that at the end of also this cycle and we have die second Start of cycle in a month and a half and there will be tweaks to the points system“Allardice said during an interaction with choose media Sockets.

“… We can bet in a standardized number of points per test matchso that it doesn’t matter if it’s a two test series or a five test series, also die same number of points will be available for everyone match that’s played. “But everyone team is judged on The percentage of points it wins and it doesn’t on total”Allardice explained.

While COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the calendar, an India-New Zealand final after considering all the shifts it is a fair result, he said.

“One of The things, die what happened during this cycle was that it became apparent that not everyone would do this complete you six series As a result of Postponements due to COVID, “he explained.

“Because we had teams playing odd number of series, we made It’s a point die to optimize points system and do it as fair as possible and do sure that it die reflected matches we did that play instead of too much of the. to be influenced series we do not have play. “

Allardice considered it a “fair” system”like New Zealand not play one series due to COVID-related postponements, but they still managed to qualify by die Strength of you performance in the other series.

“We preferred not to have changed the points system in die center of a tournament but because of) die Circumstances due to COVID, we had to ensure that die best two teams came to that final. “

India coach Ravi Shastri had a three-match final what he thinks is an ideal assessment of a team’s performance graph over a two year Period, but Allardice pointed out out die practical difficulties of this idea.

“In a perfect world, a three test series would be a great way the WTC decide, however reality of international cricket schedule is such that we won’t get a month. “

“Blocking out a month for all team tournament Finale isn’t realistic, that’s why one match final it was decided. Why it’s pretty exciting is because it brings out in something new. We have a one-off exam match to decide that we die to have best exam team in the world. “

He also felt that even when weather Play spoilsport, five days of exam cricket with a reserve day at die Time is to be covered good enough and if not result still to come outDeclaring common winners is a fair deal.

“One of die Quirks of exam cricket is that a tie is a result. We do not have want to start the final with one team have to win and one team search for pull, ”he said.

“Both teams start on Friday even and five playing Days to get one result and we have a reserve day so that if time is lost, it can be made up on the reserve day. It is not sixDay test match. And after five days if we don’t get any winner, whether you like it or not, tie is a fair result in exam cricket, “he signed off.

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