ICC’s T20 World Cup Expansion: USA Cricket says decision become give more Opportunities for Associates

Iain Higgins, the chief executive officer of USA Cricket, welcomes the ICC decision and said die move become help Connect nations to express yourself more at the global Stage.

“Everyone within USA and cricket in the USA cricket community is pleased that the ICC has decided die Expand number of take part teams in both the men’s cricket world cup and the men’s T20 world cup, die are similar decisions in respect of the women’s game.

“These decisions help offer additional possibilities for the best Associate members too compete on a global stage on a more regular Basis and thus offer an additional incentive for die United States national teams and players as we strive to develop an integrated domestic structure and environment this helps drive high performance Results. The standard and quality of Associate member cricket has never been stronger and we look forward to be able to prove that on the global Level through this new Opportunities, “said Higgins.

“Additionally decision to schedule a men’s T20 World Cup all others year, die a similar one follows decision in respect of die T20 Women’s World Championship, also offers USA cricket with additional opportunities to continue looking for the right to house a part of this big one events in line with die strategic goals set out in our basic concept.

“To that end, USA has cricket already officially expressed his interest in the ICC in Staging various head events in partnership with Cricket West Indies and we’re looking forward work with CWI and the ICC over the next a few months with a view put forward the best possible Secure case for die United States die Hosting rights to some of the most exciting global cricket competitionswhat would be extremely exciting and help us about our long-term vision of Manufacturing cricket a mainstream sport in die UNITED STATES.”

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