“Icing on the cake”… French radar in Kiev tracks missiles and aircraft

Since the beginning of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, aid to Kiev has not decreased, especially after Western countries have turned away.

In its news today, France has decided to supply Ukraine with air defense radar systems to track missiles and drones in I arrive inarea surrounding the Ukrainian capital.

“very effective”

And Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksey Reznikov revealed at a handover ceremony in northern France, where the equipment is produced, that this radar would be “the icing on the cake,” as he put it.

He also called the Groundmaster 200 system “extremely effective,” saying it would “save Ukrainian lives.”

This came after French Defense Minister Sebastien Licorne announced that Paris would send a ‘Groundmaster 200’ (GM200) radar station to Kiev to support Ukraine’s air defense system, according to the US ‘Washington Post’.

Licorno said that Ukraine will sign an agreement on the acquisition of the “GM200” radar station for the Ukrainian air defense system on Wednesday.

Licorne added that its cost would be covered by a special fund of 200 million euros set aside by Paris to pay for French weapons in Kiev.

He also spoke about negotiations with the allies on the supply of missiles for the Crotal air defense system to Ukraine.

Tanks too

Interestingly, this is not the first time that in Ukraine there is talk of French aid of this magnitude.

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There has been talk in recent weeks about Paris’ reluctance to hand over Leclerc tanks to Kiev, according to French newspaper Le Monde.

There were even official discussions about the delivery of French tanks to Ukraine, without making a final decisive decision.

According to the then Elysee Palace, the Ukrainian president raised the matter to the French president in a telephone conversation.

While a team technician from both sides is following up on the matter, an informed official source ruled out that the delivery would happen quickly if approved.

He also pointed out that Paris’s hesitation is due to the limited number of their tanks, estimated in 226 tanks.

Last Saturday Italy and France announced their intention to send in Ukraine about 700 anti-aircraft missiles for the air defense system.

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