If ISIS had known about their gossip leader, it would be their trust in he was shaken!

Since the murder of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the former leader of the terrorist organization ISIS fast For a year and a half, information about his new successor, Abu Ibrahim al-Qurashi, was circulating without ever appearing in public today.

The United States is shedding more light on him after announcing a $ 10 million reward for anyone who provides information about him.

What is new today are classified documents, die recently revealed, and if affirmed by members of the organization they would, according to a British analysis, gain the confidence of the militants in die ISIS leadership “shaken”.

Revealed in detail die Documents, die from the center for International Counterterrorism of the American Military Academy’s “West Point”, the second version, released new details about the betrayal of the well-known IS leader Emir Muhammad Saeed Abdul Rahman Al-Mawla as “Abu Ibrahim Al-Qurashi” while he was imprisoned in Iraq was. In 2008, he reported on dozens of ISIS members while he was held in Bucca Prison in the south of the country, which was under British administration.

“The Canarian TV Caliph the talkative”

Intelligence documents indicated that the current ISIS leader provided US armed forces with confidential information, die according to the newspaper “Telegraph” die Arrested dozens of al-Qaida members. And he began to know al-Qurashi with the title “the Wasi-Canarian Caliph”.

More importantly, the second man in ISIS Iraq, Moroccan Abu Jassim Abu Qaswara, was killed by US forces 8 months after the Lord provided information about him. Various metaphors helped him identify him and provided an accurate description of him, including the vehicles he used and die Places, die he visited.

The American report “Rewards for Justice “commented die new reports and posted a tweet on the matter. He stressed that, according to information, the ISIS leader loves “gossip”, talk and talk, and Bouchaia in doing so halfto kill one of the leaders of the organization. in Reference to the Moroccan Abu Qaswara.

Sensitive and dangerous information

Al-Mawla also gave detailed information on die Formation of the organization at its main base in Mosul, such as B. their military, internal security and administrative structures and propaganda resources, as well as details, die die Made Americans die Carefully pursue and target militants from die Organization.

Another report stated that the ISIS director had details of the media organization and team die best times for hosting them.

Haruru Ingram, a prominent researcher in the George Washington University extremism program, said in a statement to the British newspaper The Independent that these documents are the trust in die Leadership of IS would shake under its elements.

He added that these documents are the best evidence that die Organization suffers from malice and that its leader is the greatest informant.

A global search for the new leader

It is noteworthy that die Search for the IS chief on a global scale is still ongoing, especially through die International coalition and die United States, die announced in June last year that die Reward is offered in exchange for information die die Facilitating Arrest of the New The ISIS leader will be doubled to reach ten million dollars.

The US State Department said at the time that Amir Muhammad Saeed Abd al-Rahman al-Mawla “contributed to die Commit and justify kidnapping, slaughter and trafficking of members of the Yazidi religious minorities in northwest Iraq “.

The official report from Rewards for Justice “also posted a tweet on Twitter, in whom he announced that he was die Doubled reward for Haji Abdullah to US $ 10 million, stressing that “die United States is determined die US terrorist leaders to identify and find organization, despite the defeat of ISIS. “

Washington announced the organization’s new leader in March die blacklisted of “international terrorists”.

It was doubted even if it existed

It is noteworthy that the ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi in was killed on the night of October 26-27, 2019 during a US military operation in Idlib Governorate in northwest Syria. Gave at the end of the same month die Organization officially die Appointment of Abu Ibrahim Al-Hashemi Al-Qurashi as successor to Al-Baghdadi known.

But al-Qurashi was unknown to the analysts, and some even questioned its existence. Since then, many Western intelligence agencies have identified al-Mawla as the real leader of ISIS.

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