“IFAB” confirmed the legitimacy of the objective to include you. “Discipline” rejected Al-Ahly’s protest

The Football Association’s disciplinary and ethics committee rejected Al-Ahly’s protest about a law enforcement error that led to the goal of including you in the two teams’ match in the third round of Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s Professional Cup.

The Disciplinary and Ethics Commission had approached the Arbitration Commission for a statement, and the statement of quest” last was received, accompanied by a copy of the report of the arbitrator, in which there was no evidence of a technical error on the part of the referee.

The referee committee’s statement included a statement that there had been no misapplication of the football law.

The referee commission provided the disciplinary and ethics commission with a copy of his address to the technical director of the International Football Association Board (IFAB), who confirmed that there was no technical error in the referee.

As a result, the disciplinary commission announced that it accepted Al-Ahly’s protest in form, but rejected it in substance and, as a result, the protest tax will be confiscated for the benefit of the Saudi Football Association.

The committee also clarified that the decision is open to challenge, pursuant to Article (139) of the Disciplinary and Ethical Regulations.

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