Illness deprives Saint-Germain of Mbappe against Lille . and doubts about Messi’s participation

Berlin: It was decided to exclude Kylian Mbappe from taking on his team, Paris Saint-Germain, against his host, Lille, in the French Football League tomorrow, Friday, due to illness, while doubts surround the participation of the Argentine magician Lionel Messi in the match due to a minor injury. Lille (champion in charge) will host Lille at the top of the matches in the 12th stage of the competition, and are hoping to regain the tone of the victories they missed in the last stage, with a goalless draw with their traditional rivals Olympique Marseille on Sunday. Argentine Maurizio Pochettino will have to do this without Mbappe, who fought against Marseille completely, but then suffered from ear, nose and throat problems. Mbappe was not the only star who skipped training today, Thursday, because Messi also skipped due to a “muscle problem”, according to Pochettino’s description. Paris Saint-Germain will make a decision in following on the physical form of Messi Pochettino suggested relying on him in midfield, if he is in form. pre-match press conference, “Messi skipped training as a precaution. Instead, he conducted a one-on-one session. Tomorrow we will see if he can play. “The Saint-Germain manager added:” Killian is obviously important to us. Since he is absent, there are many other possibilities as to who plays in middle”. He continued: “Messi could play there, but there are other alternatives. The final decision will have to be seen. As Josep Guardiola says, Messi can play anywhere. “Messi has not yet established himself in the French capital. The player who has won the Ballon d’Or as the best player in the world 6 times, has only scored 3 goals in his prime seven games in all competitions with his new team, they have come. All are in Champions League and Messi is still looking for his first goal in the French league, as this became the first time he failed to score during his first four fights in a league season since the 2005/2006 season when he played for Barcelona. / Stats Perform)

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