Imagining an Alternate Universe: Actors Who Could Have Played Dr. Goodwin on New Amsterdam

Imagining an Alternate Universe: Actors Who Could Have Played Dr. Goodwin in New Amsterdam

Imagining an Alternate Universe Actors Who Could Have Played Dr. Goodwin on New Amsterdam

New Amsterdam, a medical drama that premiered on NBC in September 2018, quickly became a fan-favorite among the viewers. Despite facing stiff competition from some of the most popular medical dramas on television such as Grey’s Anatomy, The Resident, and Chicago Med, New Amsterdam managed to hold its own and captivate the audience with its storyline.

The series revolves around Dr. Max Goodwin, played by Ryan Eggold, who takes on the role of the new medical director at the New York City hospital, one of the oldest public hospitals in the country. Dr. Goodwin is on a mission to rebuild the hospital and provide better healthcare services to patients, despite facing numerous challenges along the way.

Although Ryan Eggold’s portrayal of Dr. Goodwin was spot on, one can’t help but imagine what the show would have been like had NBC gone in a different direction and not cast him in the lead role. Now that the series has ended, let’s take a moment to imagine an alternate universe where four other talented and attractive actors took on the role of Dr. Goodwin.

Theo James

Theo James, a talented actor who has been nominated for an Emmy award, is well-known for his role as Four in the Divergent movie franchise, which began in 2014. However, before he gained widespread recognition for his performance in the movies, James appeared in several TV shows, including the British supernatural drama Bedlam and the CBS crime drama Golden Boy.

Had he not been working on his series regular role in the first season of the British historical drama Sanditon and some movies at the time, James would have been a strong contender for the role of Dr. Max Goodwin, the charismatic and persistent medical director of New Amsterdam hospital. To play this role, an actor needs to possess both a likable personality and a strong sense of determination, qualities that James embodies.

Although James was not able to play the role of Dr. Max Goodwin, he continued to pursue his acting career, and in 2022, he returned to television with two major roles in HBO titles: The Time Traveler’s Wife and The White Lotus.

Justin Baldoni

If you are a fan of The CW’s telenovela satire Jane the Virgin, then you must have been crushing on Justin Baldoni for all five seasons. The actor played Rafael Solano, Jane’s boss and crush who later becomes the father of her son (it’s a long story). Baldoni was incredible in the role of the male lead, displaying great talent and versatility, and it’s not hard to see him in a completely different genre, like medical drama, for example. He could have been the leading star of a series such as New Amsterdam, and he would have been excellent as Max, the head doctor of the hospital’s medical staff. Baldoni would have brought all of the necessary elements to the role, including charm, charisma, and great acting skills.

Given his history in a romantic drama, he would have no trouble in the chemistry department when it comes to Dr. Goodwin’s various romantic entanglements. Baldoni has a natural ability to create a believable and electric chemistry between himself and his co-stars. On top of that, as a father on and off screen, he’d have that covered, too. Baldoni is a family man and is known to bring his personal experiences to his work, making it more authentic and relatable.

Obviously, Jane the Virgin didn’t end until 2019, when New Amsterdam was already going into season 2. Lately, Baldoni has turned to directing movies, including Five Feet Apart, Clouds, and the upcoming It Ends With Us. Baldoni’s directing skills are equally impressive as his acting skills, and he’s known to bring the best out of his actors.

Ian Harding

Ian Harding, an American actor, gained immense popularity with his role as Ezra Fitz in the teen drama series Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family/Freeform. He appeared in 124 episodes of the show, playing the character of a teacher who eventually gets married to Lucy Hale’s character, Aria. While it may seem unlikely, it’s not hard to imagine Harding auditioning for the role of Dr. Max Goodwin in the medical drama series New Amsterdam. His charming personality and captivating smile could have easily won over the hearts of the audience as the lovable doctor. In fact, Harding also had a brief stint in another medical drama, Chicago Med, where he appeared in 11 episodes in 2019. With his exceptional acting skills and experience in portraying complex characters, he could have brought a lot to the table and added a unique dimension to the show.

Scott Porter

There’s something special about the characters portrayed by Scott Porter, specifically those of Jason Street in Friday Night Lights, George Tucker in Hart of Dixie, and Mayor Paul Randolph in Ginny & Georgia. Even though his character in Hart of Dixie was a lawyer, it’s not hard to imagine him as a compassionate doctor with a can-do attitude.

In fact, Porter would have been an excellent fit for the role of Dr. Goodwin on NBC’s New Amsterdam, especially considering his past success with the network as part of the cast of Friday Night Lights. While Ryan Eggold ultimately landed the role of Max, Porter and other actors could have easily been the next best option.

Overall, Scott Porter has a unique ability to bring charm and likability to his roles, making him a fan favorite on the small screen.

All five seasons of New Amsterdam are available to stream on Netflix.

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