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IMF experts visit Tunisia this month to discuss a possible funding program

The International Monetary Fund said Thursday that a small group of its experts will visit Tunisia this month for further discussions on a potential IMF-backed funding program, noting that good progress has been made in discussions so far.

IMF spokesman Jerry Rice said the visit comes after several months of consultations with Tunisian authorities in on their request for a program supported by the Fund.

“A little team of IMF staff has in plan to visit Tunisia for further discussions with the authorities this month . to build on what I can call good progress in understanding their reform policies, “he said.

The Tunisian general labor union, which has more than one million members, said Thursday that it could not accept the reforms proposed by Tunisia as part of an agreement, including a five-year wage freeze in the public sector and the complete abolition of subsidies. within four years.

The International Monetary Fund said the program in discussion was prepared by the government, not by him. Fund officials also meet occasionally with external stakeholders, such as the Tunisian General Labor Union.

“The reform program that is in discussion with the IMF is a program prepared by the authorities, “said a second IMF spokesman.

“In recent months we have contacted the authorities to try to understand their reform policies,” he added.

Tunisia is facing a political and economic crisis as President Kais Saied focuses on rewriting the constitution, despite warnings of an impending collapse in public finances that threatens to bankrupt the country.

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