Imminent Clash: Putin Vows Nuclear Response to London Pass, Backed by Shoigu

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu warned of a possible nuclear confrontation on Tuesday, saying there were steps away from a possible “nuclear confrontation” between Russia and the West. As reported by the Russian agency Interfax.

Depleted uranium projectiles

Shoigu told reporters on Tuesday, in answer to a question whether Britain’s intention to supply Ukraine with depleted uranium missiles means that the world is one step away from a nuclear confrontation.

Putin threatens to react

On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened to “respond” if London supplied munitions containing depleted uranium to Ukraine. in response to statements made by a British official on the matter.

“Today we learned that the UK (…) has announced the delivery not only of tanks to Ukraine, but also of missiles containing depleted uranium (…) If this happens, Russia will be forced to respond,” Putin said.