Important things that Putin did not address in his Russian “Victory Day” speech

Most surprisingly, Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s speech on Victory Day in Moscow on Monday was that he ignored what cannot be ignored, not talking about any victory whatsoever. in Ukraine, nor by providing an assessment of how the war broke out. It also hasn’t announced any general mobilization in Russia, as many expected, and did not say that the “special operation” had transformed in a war, but did not mention Ukraine by name at all, Western concluded mediawho took his speech to the morgue, and analyzed that the 69-year-old president, more casualties are expected in a war that will last a long time.

British journalist Michael Binyon, who holds the “British Empire rank” and correspondent for “The Times” newspaper, and his analyst from Moscow, Berlin, Washington and some Middle Eastern countries, according to “Al-Arabiya”.net”his career, is the most important who analyzed Putin’s speech, explaining today to the newspaper that it contains Great attention to the history, culture, customs and traditional values ​​of Russia” and also seemed to evoke his Orthodox faith, having already received the blessing of the Russian Orthodox Patriarch, “he said.

The reporter said Putin “tried to link the war in Ukraine with Russia’s struggle for its freedom and spirit in previous eras and the defense of the motherland “, which is as strong a message now as it was in World War II, so he compared it to Nazi Germany’s aggression against the Russia, and he cited the patriotism, heroism and sacrifice of the Russians. During the world war he rallied his countrymen for what appeared to be a long distance in the Ukrainian Donbass.

In his speech, Putin did not provide any updates on Russia’s losses, which in previously they had been officially announced as nearly 1,000 dead, while Western intelligence estimates there are at least more than 15,000, and instead spoke of its “common grief” for the deaths of every soldier and officer. “in an apparent attempt to calm public anxiety and promised that the state would provide allowances for their families, which is a clear indication that he expects more losses in a war he sees will continue for a long time.

Mariupol did not say a word.

Journalist Binion also said the entire speech “was aimed at a national audience to justify a process that cut Russia off from the world and left millions of people confused about it and about themselves. It also gave a little hint of its goals and how the Kremlin can compensate for the faltering strategy and humiliating military failures, or the way in that Russia would replace so much lost equipment with an operation that it would not warn the West of what it could do now, since it did not mention a word of Mariupol or any other battlefield in Ukraine, with the exception of Donbass, which according to him is historical Russian territory.

Binion felt the speech was defensive, indicating the lack of serious new thinking in the Kremlin, and that the speech was in largely prepared to justify Putin’s earlier challenge to NATO, as it does not portend any escalation in future. But the fact that the mobilization is not mentioned does not mean that it has not been planned or will not be implemented soon, in case in where the shortage of troops became acute.

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