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Imran Khan accuses Pak govt of ‘stifling’ voices of critics


Islamabad, May 16 (IANS) Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Monday accused the federal government of using means to “stifle the voices” of its opponents, media reports said.

In a meeting with women lawyers, Khan alleged that his government was ousted due to an alleged conspiracy in violation of the Constitution, Express Tribune reported.

He claimed that the “clear ruling of the Speaker, powers of the Governor and the President, and the sovereignty of the Parliament were axed” for the success of this alleged conspiracy.

Khan further claimed that the present government wants to curb the “constitutional and democratic rights” of the masses, adding that the government is resorting to the “worst possible ways” to stifle the voices of its critics in media and politics.

He said the nation is “ready to fight” against this government, adding that the federal government will have nowhere to hide when he announces his call for the march to Islamabad.

The date for the much-touted march of the PTI will be announced by Khan on May 20, Express Tribune reported.

Last week, Khan had said that at least three million people would descend on Islamabad on his call despite all possible barriers in their way.

“I will give a date for the long march after May 20… you have to join my long march to Islamabad for ‘real freedom’,” he had said during a rally.


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