Imran Khan warns of severe consequences if she is murdered

Hours before his appearance before a court that issued warrants for his arrest, former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan ordered the formation of a committee to lead his party in case of his arrest.

He added from outside his home in Lahore before heading to Islamabad early Saturday morning: “I have formed a committee that will make decisions once you are inside the prison.”

He also said there are 94 cases against him, according to Reuters.

Khan said there is no reason to arrest him now, as he has been released on bail in all of his cases. If convicted in the case, Khan could face disqualification from running in elections scheduled for November.

Furthermore, he made it clear that his life is more threatened than it was in past, indicating that he is concerned about the reaction to his arrest or any attempt on his life.

Khan said the military played a role in ousting him from power after strained relations with former army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa who retired in November.

He added that the new commander, General Assem Munir, was following the same policy.

arrest his supporters

In parallel, the Agency/Al-Hadath correspondent reported that the Pakistani police arrested a number of Khan’s supporters today.

He added that a security crackdown had been launched against Khan’s headquarters in Lahore.

Former Pakistani Prime Minister An Khan’s lawyer will appear on Saturday in court, to defuse a heated confrontation between his supporters and the security forces who tried to arrest him for evading the implementation of legal procedures.

His lawyers on Friday announced the suspension of the arrest warrant issued against him, paving the way for the end of the siege on his home, which saw bloody clashes between his supporters and the police over the weekend.

warrant for his arrest

Imran Khan was overthrown in April 2022 following a motion of no confidence and faces dozens of legal cases as he tries to return to power.

The arrest warrant was also issued after he failed to appear on March 11 in court in Islamabad to answer charges that he failed to declare all diplomatic gifts received during his tenure and made money by selling some of them, which he denies.

Police attempts to arrest the ex star of the cricket in her seventies led to clashes with her supporters who gathered outside her residence in the eastern city of Lahore.