In 3 phases .. Details on Macron’s plan to bring mercenaries out of Libya

Last Saturday, France presented the US with a plan to remove mercenaries and foreign fighters from Libya.

The plan published by the newspaper “Politico” provides first die Withdrawal of Syrian mercenaries supported by Turkey, followed by withdrawal of fighters supported by Russia and Turkish regular forces on a six-month schedule.

Officials also said French President had Emmanuel Macron die Idea directly to his counterpart in presented to the USA and Turkey. He also discussed it with US President Joe Biden at the Group of Seven meeting last Saturday, before addressing it at the NATO summit on Monday in Brussels presented to the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

“President Erdogan has reiterated his desire that foreign mercenaries and militias leave Libyan territory as soon as possible,” said Macron.

The first step on May 1st

According to Macron’s plan, will die Turkey first die withdraw Syrian mercenaries, die sent her to Libya in 2020 when die Tripoli government had asked for help and the move could take place as early as July 1st.

In the planned second phase for September, Russia will also withdraw its own militias from the Wagner group, which could be the most difficult step as Turkish troops have been invited into the country by the Libyan National Agreement government while private Militias, die with Russia is illegally present.

The third stage sees die Reunification of the Libyan security forces die split between the government of Tripoli and the Libyan national army led by Khalifa Haftar.

In 3 phases .. Details on Macron’s plan to bring mercenaries out of Libya

Syrian mercenaries in Libya

Suggestion on two sides

The two-sided proposal is an attempt die stalled efforts to postpone the withdrawal of foreign fighters from Libya after the ceasefire agreement signed last October between the Libyan parties under the auspices of the United Nations die Foreign troops and mercenaries need to withdraw by January, but that date has passed and no solution has been found.

In contrast, has die The Biden government has not commented on the French proposal, but US officials have acknowledged that they are working to ensure the withdrawal of foreign fighters from Libya.

Elements, die Al-Wefaq troops in Loyal to Libya - AFP Archives

Elements, die Al-Wefaq troops in Loyal to Libya – AFP Archives

13,000 Syrian mercenaries

“We are consulting with a number of Libyan and international partners in order to die to demand full respect for the Libyan ceasefire agreement and die Request removal of foreign elements, “said a senior government official.

It is noteworthy that, according to the Agence France-Presse, Western diplomats confirmed last April that die The number of mercenaries and foreign troops on Libyan soil is estimated at “more than 20,000, including 13,000 Syrians”.

The acts of foreign presence and mercenaries constitutes a matter of dispute between some Libyan parties, though die Government has announced its approval of their exit more than once, like in many dialogues previously held under the auspices of the United States have reached nations.

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