In a close ambush .. 18 Houthis were killed in the Al-Mushajah front

Yemeni army forces said Wednesday that they ambushed a group of Houthi militiamen in the Al-Mashjah front, west of Marib.

A military source confirmed that the ambush resulted in the deaths of all 18 Houthi members.

He added that the army artillery launched a concentrated bombardment against militia movements at the front, causing loss of equipment and human lives.

In this context, the forces of the National Army are engaged in continued battles against the Iranian-backed Houthi coup militia for the fourth consecutive day along the fighting fronts southwest of Ma’rib Governorate.

The center media of the Yemeni army said that battles fought by heroes of the army, the resistance and members of the tribe in the past few hours have resulted in the death and injury of dozens of militia members, as well as other equipment losses.

He added that Coalition to Support Legittimacy aircraft targeted militia reinforcements and mechanisms in the vicinity of the front and inflicted heavy losses in equipment and lives on them.

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