In Algeria a team beats its host with incredible cowardice – (Video)

London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Algerian Parado players shocked public opinion and activists of social media, with their cunning behavior in their match against their host and neighbor Nasr Hussein Dey, which took place at the “20 August 1955” stadium, and ended with the guests winning with two clear goals for the eleventh week of National First Division championship. The strange incident occurred moments before the end of the original match time, when one of Nasriya’s players fell in field and his colleague took the ball out of the lines, believing that the opposing team would return the ball after treating the injured man, but was surprised, like everyone else, that Ahmed Al-Nazir took the opportunity, to score a goal. The free kick in the 90th minute. Immediately, the stadium transformed in a battlefield between the players of the two teams, especially after referee Abdelmoumen Touabati’s insistence to calculate the goal, until calm returned, with a “gentlemanly” agreement between the players here and there, requiring the ball to live in the Parado goalkeeper’s net, But without warning, the protector of the guest lair decided unilaterally , to break his promise, taking the ball and paying for it at the half court, to complete the deception by signing Zarrouk Boussef on the second goal, to the dismay and amazement of Nasriya’s players, who stopped in their place. The referee approved the result of the match, with El Parado winning with two goals at zero for Nasr Hussein Dey, so that the winning team has consolidated its place in the second classified of the competition, reaching the 21st point, three points and 3 games in less than the leader, Youth Sports Belouizdad, while the loser’s balance was frozen at 10 points, a difference of two points on the landing centers.

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