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In an ambush in western Niger, 16 soldiers were killed and another one missing

Sixteen soldiers were out on Saturday night in an ambush by armed men on patrol of the National Guard in of the Tilia region in the province of Tahoua near the border with Mali in western Niger killed and another missing, like die local authorities announced on Sunday evening.

The general secretary of Tahoua provincial government Ibrahim Miku said in a statement on public television that “yesterday (Saturday) around 2:00 pm (1:00 pm GMT) the victim was ambushed by armed bandits in the Tilia region was. The result of this cowardly attack is: 16 one dead, 6 wounded and one missing. “

An attempted coup struck on March 31 in Niger fail and die Participants and die Those involved were arrested. Outgoing President Muhammadu Yusufu and President-elect Muhammad Bazum were unharmed and were in the presidential palace when an attempt was made to seize him.

The history of Niger is full of military coups. it is located in the Sahel, is one of the poorest in the world and has recently been hit by militant attacks.

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