In Khartoum.. The trial of a Syrian who smuggled the largest shipment of drugs in Sudan

The Criminal Court of Khartoum North has started the proceedings for the trial of a gang of drug traffickers, led by a man of Syrian nationality, on charges of being involved in smuggling the largest shipment of drugs through the Khartoum airport.

The investigator revealed exciting details, before North Khartoum Criminal Court Judge, Muhammad Sir Al-Khatim today, Tuesday, and said that the Captagon tablets have been hidden with high professionalism within the covers of sanitary ware,” salted” in shipping packages weighing more than 7 tons.

He has Syrian nationality

He also said that the first defendant (73), a Syrian national, residing in Al-Mamoura suburb, south of Khartoum, underwent five interrogations to reveal the circumstances of the most complex case in drug trafficking files in Sudan. Investigations revealed that the shipment, consisting of (11) parcels of different sizes, arrived at Khartoum airport last September in a way that the customs officers wanted to be normal, to reassure the members of the gang. On the other hand, they imposed tight control over shipping in waiting for the recipient after the laboratory test results showed that the tablets hidden in the shipment were Captagon tablets.

The session lasted two hours

The investigator added that investigations revealed that the prime suspect, a Syrian national, is considered one of the most dangerous drug dealers, with close ties to international mafia gangs, and has a criminal record in the Red Sea, eastern Sudan.

The court adjourned the session, which lasted about two hours, after reading the statements of the three defendants, one Syrian and two Sudanese, and set the next session to discuss the investigator.

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