In light of the inability of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia to attend the summit in Algiers … a medical condition that requires refraining from travel

In light of the fact that Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman is unable to travel to attend the Arab Summit in Algiers due to health reasons, we summarize the health cases in which adults are advised not to travel.

Hence, doctors and specialists note that patients with varicose veins are not recommended to travel because of the inability to move during the flight, noting that the legs may swell, and it is possible that in this case problems with veins may appear.

With regard to respiratory diseases, it is not recommended to travel for people with chronic respiratory diseases, such as asthma, as the air in the aircraft is very dry and can harm the respiratory system. Pressure fluctuations can also cause breathing difficulties.

During takeoff and landing, aircraft passengers experience ear congestion due to low pressure. The person suffering from the disease cannot comfortably deal with these symptoms, and those with an inner or middle ear injury should not board an aircraft until a certain period of rehabilitation has passed, and the person may be more seriously injured and lose them. sense of hearing.

As for mental illness during periods of exacerbation, their owners are advised to refrain from traveling, due to the impossibility of predicting how the patient will psychologically react to engine noise and a large number of people in a confined space, among other factors.

Among the diseases for which patients are not recommended to travel:

post-stroke state.

– Epileptic disorders in all their forms and types.

Parkinson’s disease.

Tissue stiffness and memory loss.

Diabetes, asthma, encephalopathy and cardiovascular disease

Pressure problems (high and low blood pressure).

Concussion and other brain injuries.

Severe infectious diseases.

The Royal Court of Saudi Arabia has made it clear that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s failure to travel to attend the Arab Summit in Algiers was taken amid the recommendation of the medical team at the royal clinics “that His Highness refrain from traveling by plane for long distances without stopping, in order to avoid injury to the ear by pressure and its effect on the middle ear, which makes it impossible for His Highness to visit sisterly Algeria, taking into account the duration of the journey on the way and back in a period not exceeding (24 hours.”

Source: RT