In order to overthrow Netanyahu, Yair Lapid resigns die Formation of a government coalition

Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid told the president on Wednesday evening that he had managed to die to collect the necessary votes to form a government coalition, die Benjamin Netanyahu would be removed from office after 12 years.

Also shared die Party lapid in a statement shortly before the deadline that she had “informed the President of Israel that he had succeeded in forming a government”.

Right-wing extremist Naftali Bennett, 49, will initially become Prime Minister under a rotation agreement.

Lapid emphasized, “This government will work to serve all of Israel’s citizens, including those who die are not a member and she will respect her opponents and everything in Those in power are doing to unite all parts of Israeli society. “

President Reuven Rivlin received the call from Lapid while he was watching a soccer game in Visited Tel Aviv.

The opposition leader and his staff have seven days to distribute cabinet portfolios and receive Parliament’s vote of confidence.

Lapid, a former television presenter and secular centrist, was about to form a government when he spoke on Sunday die won decisive support from the ultra-religious nationalist Naftali Bennett.

Yair blade

Yair blade

Performed in a hotel near Tel Aviv die Parties long arduous conversations before die Coalition was formed. In front of the hotel, in the die Coalition negotiations took place, hundreds of demonstrators, both supporters and opponents of the Change Coalition, gathered under a strong police presence.

7 parties in the coalition

Lapid was forced to sign separate agreements with the seven parties in order to die Build coalition. Belong to this coalition die right-wing party “New Hope” led by former ally Netanyahu Gideon Sa’ar and die “Israel Our Home” party under the leadership of the right-wing nationalist Avigdor Lieberman.

Also die centrist blue and white party led by Defense Secretary Benny Gantz, Labor and die left Meretz party joined them.

There are deep discrepancies between the parties die will form this coalition how die Position on the establishment of a Palestinian state and die Position of religion in the state, in addition to its values, die range from liberalism to socialism.

Mansour Abbas and Lapid

Mansour Abbas and Lapid

The United Arab List agreed to join late Wednesday.

admission in die Arabic list headed by Mansour Abbas. from the brotherhood

Mansour Abbas of the Brotherhood, head of the “List,” represented by four MPs, “signed the coalition agreement to form a unity government,” it says in a statement from the office of opposition leader Yair Lapid, who had until 11:59 p.m. Wednesday evening to inform the Israeli president that he had collected enough votes to die next to form government.

“I signed an agreement with Yair Lapid ( .) after we in Israel have made a number of important agreements on various issues die are in the interests of the Arab community, “said Abbas in a television announcement.

Abbas’ support is the first such step for an Arab party in Israel for decades.

Abbas, 47, said he received budget allocations and commitments to fight crime in the Arab sector in Israel.

Fraud of the Century

Efforts to create a new, net-free government have intensifiedNetanyahu after reaching an Egypt-backed ceasefire agreement between Israel بين And die Hamas, die controls Gaza after an 11-day escalation.

Netanyahu, 71, the die Likud Party, tries to avoid this and tries to die thwart new alliance against him.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Knesset in Jerusalem May 30, 2021 (Reuters)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Knesset in Jerusalem May 30, 2021 (Reuters)

Netanyahu warned on Sunday against a “left government, die poses a threat to the State of Israel “, calling it the” fraud of the century “.

Netanyahu lost in 1999 die Power, but regained it ten years later and has stayed at the top ever since.

The veteran politician faces three corruption allegations and is the first Israeli prime minister to be charged with such allegations during his tenure and will lose his immunity if overthrown.

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