In police uniform, the perpetrator of the Peshawar mosque suicide bomber deceived the authorities

A Pakistani police official announced on Thursday that the perpetrator of the suicide bombing that killed 101 people in a mosque in a police compound in Peshawar, in Pakistan, wore a police uniform, because he wore a police uniform (…) failure (in thearea of) security.” He confirmed that the police had “a very good idea” of his identity, after comparing his head, found at the site of the explosion, with images from surveillance cameras. Ansari added that “behind there’s a whole network of him,” explaining that Monday’s attack was not planned by a single person.

Hundreds of policemen were praying on Monday afternoon in a mosque in their compound when the explosion occurred, collapsing a wall and crushing officers.

Authorities are investigating how a security breach occurred in aarea among the most monitored in the city, in what comprises the intelligence and counter-terrorism offices and is located next to the regional general secretariat. This attack is the most violent in Pakistan for several years and the most serious since the escalation of violence in the region after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan in 2021.