In pursuit of membership, Erdogan, “is die European Union blind “

In a tone that combines appeasement and sharpness, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan today, Sunday, die Believed that die European Union needs its country. Ankara continues to look forward to despite the obstacles die membership in the union and accused at the same time die Union of “strategic blindness” and not keeping what it promises.

In a statement published by the Anadolu Agency, he added: “We are committed to our position to achieve our strategic goal of joining the European Union despite double standards and obstacles.”


He added, “The lack of vision and strategic patience is the main obstacle die Transformation of the Union in a strong global player. It is very clear that die European Union its strong presence without the contribution and die Support our can not continue land. “

In addition, he pointed out that it was in Lately many challenges for die Europeans there like die Refugee crisis, xenophobia, financial fragility, die Effects of the UK leaving the Union and die Corona pandemic, and stressed that die Solving these problems requires cooperation and die Union is once again taking a broad and courageous perspective.

“Some countries in the Union are weakening it.”

He stressed that die Turkey, die It is part of Europe, ready to do what is asked of it to help solve the Union’s problems and make it more effective.

He also accused some EU countries of transferring their bilateral differences with Turkey to their corridors, which has a negative impact die Turkish-European relations in general and die Weakening the Union’s ability to cope with global threats.

Europe day

It is noteworthy that die European Union celebrates “Europe Day” every year on May 9th die Schuman Declaration of 1950 to remember with the die “European Coal and Steel Community” was founded, die formed the core of the Union’s first forerunners.

Relations between the Union and Turkey are tense as there are disagreements on several acts from exploring the Mediterranean to Libya, die Refugee Files and the Withdrawal of Freedoms in Turkey is coming.

However, tensions eased slightly following the calming policy adopted by Ankara as they were concerned about die Possibility were die To consolidate the position of the US vis-à-vis her since die new democratic government its tasks in Washington is taking over, which has become less accommodating to it than during the era of former President Donald Trump.

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