In response to Hezbollah, “photos reveal who carried weapons in Beirut”

In response to Hezbollah’s accusation this evening, Thursday, of its elements and supporters of shooting and live bullets into the heads of the protesters of its supporters and followers of its ally, the Amal Movement in Beirut, the opposition “Lebanese Forces” party has confirmed that what the Lebanese capital saw was clearly documented by the videos.

In a statement, he stressed that all media, in addition to the videos released on social, confirmed the appearance armed with submachine guns and submachine guns, and the entrance in safe neighborhoods by party supporters.

The Hezbollah invasion

He also felt his accusation was totally dismissed and aims to divert attention from the Hezbollah invasion. in this region e in other regions in earlier times.

I also saw the clashes that took place today as a mere confrontation of justice with the same revolutionary logic, and the use of weapons, intimidation, violence and force to bring down the path of investigation into the explosion of the port of Beirut.

Geagea denounces

In turn, the head of the armed forces, Samir Geagea, denounced the events that took place in Beirut, especially near the Tayouneh area, in occasion of the demonstrations called by “Hezbollah”. He stressed that the main reason for these violent events is the unarmed weapon that threatens citizens in every time and place.

It also invited the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister and the Ministers of Defense and the Interior to conduct investigations complete and accurate to determine the responsibilities for what happened today in the capital.

Accused of premeditated murder

This came after Hezbollah held the forces responsible for the violence that took place today in the capital, Beirut. The Iranian-backed party and its ally, the Amal Movement, confirmed in a joint statement that “the armed attack on the peaceful protest” in Tayouneh was carried out by groups of the Party of Forces.

They also claimed that groups of members of the “Lebanese Forces” (a Lebanese Christian party) deployed to neighboring neighborhoods and on the roofs of buildings and engaged in direct sniping operations with the aim of premeditated killing.

In addition, the two leaderships called on the army and security forces to assume their responsibilities in restoring the situation and arresting the perpetrators, who are known by name, as they say.

The army arrests the suspects

At the same time, members of the army raided in a number of buildings and houses in the area, where shootings and bombings took place, and arrested a number of people involved.

The videos that have spread widely on the media and on communication in the country they showed the army forces in the arrest of one of the young people involved in the shooting.

Interestingly, the violence that took place today in the Tayouneh area resulted in the deaths of 6 people, the Ministry of Health announced, while the Red Cross reported that its teams were working to evacuate families from the crash site. clashes.

While elements of Amal and Hezbollah sided with heavy weapons in some areas, some of them even launched demonstrations shouting sectarian slogans.

These violent events had a rapid and dramatic development today in front of the Palace of Justice, after supporters of the two parties called a demonstration against the judicial investigator in the case of the port of Beirut, after days and rounds of arrivals from Hezbollah against the judge Tariq Bitaro.

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