In response to Macron … Turkey: our presence in Libya is a “stability force”

The Turkish presidential spokesman, Ibrahim Kalin, said the presence of his country in Libya represents a “stability force”, one day after French President Emmanuel Macron called on Turkey and Russia to withdraw their mercenaries and forces from this country without delay.

Kalin claimed that the Turkish soldiers in Libya “in based on an agreement with the Libyan government. Therefore, they cannot be put on the level of mercenaries who have been brought in from other countries, “as he said.

“Without hesitation”

Yesterday, Friday, at the conclusion of an international conference on Libya in Paris, the French president said that Turkey and Russia should withdraw their mercenaries and military forces from Libya without delay because their presence threatens stability and security in the country and throughout the region.

The international conference on Libya in Paris on Friday supported the “global action plan for the withdrawal of mercenaries, foreign fighters and foreign forces from Libyan territory, prepared by the Joint Military Committee of the Libyan Dialogue”.

In response to Macron … Turkey: our presence in Libya is a “stability force”
Paris Conference on Libya (Associated Press)

Interestingly, several thousand Russian mercenaries from the private “Wagner” group, Chadians and Sudanese, and Syrian fighters loyal to Turkey, are still present. in Libya, according to the French presidency.

But Turkey is in no hurry to start withdrawing its forces, while the Kremlin denies sending soldiers or mercenaries in Libya, as well as any connection with Wagner.

Libyan authorities and regional and western countries are pressing to expel all foreign mercenaries from the country and believe that achieving stability is a pace lasting in Libya is directly related to the eventual exit of all foreign forces and mercenaries.

According to United Nations estimates, they have been stationed since December 2020 in Libya about 20,000 foreign mercenaries.

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