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In response to statements about “nuclear weapon”… Washington accuses Putin of “irresponsibility”

The United States accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of ‘irresponsibility’ after his Wednesday remarks on the dangers of using nuclear weapons in the conflict in Ukraine.

US State Department spokesman Ned Price declined to respond directly to Putin, but said “any disdain to talk about nuclear weapons is completely irresponsible” after the Russian president said his country would used nuclear weapons only in “response” to a hostile attack. from Russia this species on its territory.

Price added that nuclear powers around the world, including China, India, the United States and Russia itself, have been clear since the Cold War that “a nuclear war can never be fought and it can never be won.”

He continued: “We believe that any other rhetoric, whether it is about a nuclear threat or even just raising the specter of the use of tactical nuclear weapons, is irresponsible. It is dangerous and contrary to the spirit of that statement which was at the center of the nuclear non-proliferation regime since the Cold War”.

Neither the United States nor Russia, the two major nuclear powers, adopt a policy of first use of nuclear weapons.

A recent review of the US position by President Joe Biden concluded that nuclear weapons should only be used in “extreme circumstances”.

Russia recently postponed indefinitely the bilateral nuclear weapons control talks planned in Cairo, accusing the United States of being hostile.

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