In response to the layoffs, Gigi Hadid closes her Twitter account.

In a surprise move, the American model, Gigi Hadid, announced the closure of her account on the Twitter platform, after Elon Musk acquired the famous site last week with a deal worth 44 billion dollars, and after having made layoffs. collectives for a certain number of people. of employees who have worked on the platform for many years. .

The blonde model wrote on her Instagram Story: “Twitter has become a hotbed of hatred and intolerance … so I don’t want to be a part of this place.”

He added: “I’m sorry for all the followers out there who have loved communicating with them during my time on the platform, I feel that the Twitter platform is no longer the safe place for anyone, it has become just harm.”

Gigi attached her statement with a tweet from human rights adviser Shannon Raj Singh who has worked on Twitter for years, saying: “Yesterday was my last day on Twitter, all my colleagues in the human rights department were fired “.

In a previous tweet, Shannon claimed that a large number of Twitter employees were fired, explaining: “For the uninitiated, Twitter fired half of its employees last Friday, via email. in to which I assured them that staff reduction was necessary. to ensure that the company moves forward “.

Since Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, he has faced criticism from numerous celebrities and the public of social mediaespecially after announcing the imposition of a $ 8 commission on verified accounts with a blue check mark on the platform.

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