In Russia, a fire kills 22 elderly people. Immediate investigations to find the fault

Russia’s ambulance services said 22 people died in a fire on Friday night, Saturday in a special center for the elderly in Kemerovo, in Siberia, located in central eastern Russia.

A post initial message of the ambulance service on Telegram said that at 5:25 (3:25 GMT), the paramedics had finished clearing the rubble.

And he confirmed that the fire caused the death of 22 people.

The Russian Investigative Committee also said that two more bodies were found during the search of the site. As a result, the death toll rose to 22.

According to investigators, 6 people were injured, two of them in serious conditions, and were brought in hospital.

Video of what happened

In addition, the Russian authorities have opened an investigation into the accident, following the decision of the investigative committee involved in the main investigations in the country, for negligence which caused the death of two or more people.

The committee said in a statement that investigators in the field of forensic medicine are working on the scene of the accident with the institution’s management.

He also added that he had identified the owner of the centre, without further details.

The investigative commission has released a short film shot at the site of the accident, which shows the serious damage caused by the fire that destroyed the entire interior of the center.

The video released by the ambulance service showed the charred roof of the small shelter, surrounded by fire engines.

An old fire has rocked Russia

And the Russian news agency “Tass” reported that the fire spread at night on aarea of 180 square meters in a building in two-story wood.

Interestingly, the city of Kemerovo witnessed a fire in March 2018 in a shopping mall that claimed the lives of 60 people, including 40 children and adolescents, in a tragedy that shook Russia.

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