In silence .. China inflicts fatal blows with its technological war with America

Ahmed Sabry, information technology expert and member of the Information Technology Industry Chamber in Egypt has felt that China plays quietly in the tech file with no media noise, but at the same time deals fatal blows in its war with the United States in this field.

Sabri described in an interview with the company “Al Arabiya” Like “Xiaomi” like “the dinosaur that comes from behind” due to the fierce competition in the market Among the famous smartphone manufacturers in the world, after a phase of contention over the technologies of the Chinese giant “Huawei”.

He said China’s technological superiority is evident in every stage, but China continues to work in silence and when a crisis with the United States looms, conflict appears in different shapes.

China said yesterday that the allegations against Huawei’s chief financial officer were “completely fabricated”, in one moment in which Huawei announced it would defend itself against US prosecution after Canada released its CFO, Meng Wanzhou.

The Chinese telecommunications giant added, according to AFP, that it “defended” itself against US justice charges of evading sanctions against Iran after US officials dropped the fraud charges against Wenzhou.

“Huawei will continue to defend itself against these allegations in a New York court, “the company said in a note, with the return of Meng Wanzhou in China.

Prosecutors said in federal court in Brooklyn, New York, CFO of Chinese tech firm Huawei will be released and may return. in China after reaching an agreement with the US government on fraud allegations.

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