In simple steps. Chat on WhatsApp without a SIM card

WhatsApp is a great way to send messages, photos and videos to others using your phone number.

However, if you don’t have a SIM card, don’t worry, as you can still take advantage of the popular messaging app, according to The Sun.

You may want to use WhatsApp on yours tablet Android, iPad or PC. These devices usually don’t have a SIM card. However, this does not mean that you cannot benefit from your account, as you can use a landline.

Here are the steps:

– Open WhatsApp on the device you will use

– Enter your home or landline phone number you wish to use

– Wait for verification via SMS to indicate that it failed. This should take 5 minutes

– After the SMS fails, you can choose “Call me”

– Click on it and you will receive a call on your home phone. The call will give you a verification code and repeat it 6 times

– Enter it in the application

You are now ready to chat and make calls!

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