In the event of a gas pipeline explosion in In central China, 12 people were killed and 138 injured

Today, Sunday, Chinese television reported that a gas pipeline exploded in In a residential area in the center of the country, 12 people were killed and 138 injured, 37 of them seriously.

He added that die Authorities after the fatal accident in the city of Xi’an in Hubei Province evacuated 150 people from the area.

Local media reported that die The explosion at 6:30 a.m. local time led to the collapse of a building used as a grocery store.

Chinese television footage showed scattered debris and broken glass on the first floor of the collapsed building, where people were shopping for groceries and having breakfast when die Explosion took place. The footage also showed debris, die were scattered on a street amid damaged buildings.

On TV it said hospitals in Xi’an appeal die Residents to donate blood.

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