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In the face of bloody battles … Taliban: Committed to peace


There die Peace negotiations are advancing very slowly, announced die Taliban on Sunday to commit to peace talks and in Afghanistan wanting a “real religious system” that die Women’s rights with the cultural traditions in Brings harmony.

“We understand that die World and die Afghans have queries and questions about the form of the system that will be set up after the withdrawal of foreign troops, “said Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, head of the Taliban’s political office in a statement to Reuters.

He added that these issues were raised during the negotiations in Doha were treated best.

What about the woman’s profile?

He pointed to die Movement efforts to protect women and minorities and die Ability of diplomats and NGO staff to work safely. “We undertake to uphold all the rights of our country’s citizens, men and women, in the light of the religious rules and traditions of Afghan society,” he said.

Taliban (AFP)

He also affirmed that “facilities for women to work and teach will be provided”.

It wasn’t clear if die Taliban would allow women to take on public roles and whether women and men would be segregated in workplaces and schools.

It is noteworthy that US intelligence analysts published an assessment in May, die said that die Taliban would “step back much” on progress on Afghan women’s rights, if die Extremists die Regain power.

A member of the Taliban (AFP)

Prevent women from education

The movement is known to have in imposed extremist rules on the areas she controlled and had previously prevented many girls and women from attending schools and universities under strict conditions.

The Taliban declaration came today against the background of slow progress in talks between the extremist group and representatives of the Afghan government in Qatar and a significant escalation in violence across the country before the withdrawal of foreign troops by September 11th.

Officials voiced their concern about die stalled negotiations and found that die Movement had not yet submitted a written peace proposal that could serve as a starting point for real talks.

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