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In the midst of the current tension, Russia conducts nuclear exercises and informs America

The US said on Tuesday that Russia has informed it of routine nuclear exercises, a move that would reduce the risk of miscalculations amid growing fears that Moscow could use a nuclear weapon. in Ukraine.

A statement from the US State Department states that Russia has complied with the terms of the agreements that stipulate that the United States must be informed of test ICBMs and submarine-launched ballistic missiles.

“This is a routine annual exercise conducted by Russia,” State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters.

“While Russia is committed in unprovoked assaults and reckless nuclear threats, these notification measures ensure that the surprise factor is eliminated and the risk of miscalculations is minimized, ”said Price.

In turn, the Pentagon said Tuesday that Russia had informed the United States of its plans to conduct exercises for its nuclear forces.

He declined to give any further details on the exercises, which they should include test on ballistic missiles.

“The United States has been informed and as we have made clear in previously, this is a routine annual exercise conducted by Russia. So in this regard, Russia is complying with its arms control and transparency obligations by submitting these notifications, “Pentagon spokesman Brigadier General Patrick Ryder said at a news conference.

Last week, US and Russian defense ministers held talks twice, in a link that has rarely occurred amid mounting tensions since the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine on February 24.

The United States, France and Great Britain also announced that Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu referred during telephone conversations to “possible provocations by Ukraine using a dirty bomb”.

Monday, United States, Great Britain and France, in a joint statement, they rejected the “falseRussian accusations. “The world will not be stupid if an attempt is made to use this claim as a pretext for escalation,” the statement said.

On Tuesday, Price said: “We are concerned that Russia has a model of accusing others of what it intends to do next,” describing the Russian comments as “irresponsible”.

But he pointed out that there is no indication from the United States that Moscow is preparing to use nuclear weapons.

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