In The Near Future, Google Will Provide You the Option to Use ‘Classic Assistant’ Even if You Don’t have Bard

During the Google Pixel 8 launch event, Google revealed its plans to integrate its AI chatbot Bard into the voice-based Assistant. However, it seems that the new Assistant with Bard may not initially offer all the capabilities of the original Assistant. As a result, Google is working on a way to allow users to switch back to the “Classic Assistant” once the new AI-powered experience is rolled out.

Assistant with Bard Capabilities

According to Google, the Assistant with Bard is designed to offer an enhanced experience with a quick shortcut on phones. It combines personalized help with Bard’s generative reasoning capabilities, allowing users to interact with voice, text, and images. The company announced that the new experience will be gradually rolled out over the coming months, and users will have the option to opt into early testing.

Integration with Google App Settings

AssembleDebug, an Android expert, has discovered evidence of Google’s work on this integration and has provided more details on the potential switch to the “Classic Assistant” within the Google app settings. Not all features of the current Assistant will be available in the Assistant with Bard, prompting the need for users to have the option to switch between the two versions to access the full expected experience.

Bard Integration and Features

Bard, an AI chatbot competitor to ChatGPT, currently does not have an Android app and is only accessible via a website. However, with the integration with the Assistant, Bard will be able to work with contextual information from the user’s screen and integrate with Gmail, Drive, and other Google services through Bard extensions.

Integration Launch Date

While Google has stated that the integration will be available in a few months, no specific launch date has been provided. However, references to Bard with Assistant in the Google app’s code indicate that the company is actively working to launch the new Assistant with Bard.

Google’s upcoming release of the Assistant with Bard offers an exciting combination of AI capabilities. However, the option to switch back to the “Classic Assistant” without Bard will provide users with flexibility and access to features that may not be initially available in the new experience. As the integration continues to develop, users can look forward to a more personalized and versatile Assistant.

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